CrimeStoppers of Memphis and Shelby County has launched a new website — MemphisColdCases.org — promoting specific cases where new leads are needed from the public in order to bring justice to victims and their families.

A Cold Case is an unsolved felony crime awaiting the discovery of new evidence.

The purpose of CrimeStoppers is to solicit information from the public that might help law enforcement agencies solve felony crimes. So we believe we can help with older cases by reintroducing them to the public.  

Cold Cases are never lost causes. Little Laylah Washington’s case was finally solved when a tip was received many months after she was killed. And everyone remembers the murder case of Memphis basketball star Lorenzen Wright.

MemphisColdCases.org joins five other CrimeStoppers websites led by CrimestopMem.org., and includes sites about fighting crime in schools, helping senior citizens and other vulnerable citizens, and a site dedicated to reaching those who primarily speak Spanish.

You can do your part too by supporting this independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan organization. We need private donations to continue our vital work.

Please consider a donation today — online, or by check made out to CrimeStoppers.