Deron Davis, December 25, 2019

It was Christmas and Deron Davis had spent the day with his family in the Raleigh area of Memphis. As evening approached, he left the house to shop at a nearby store.

Minutes later, Davis’s wife’s phone rang. It was her husband’s phone but all she could hear was music playing. She said his name but there was no answer so she ended the call.

About that time — it officially was 7:17 p.m. December 25, 2019 — Memphis Police officers assigned to the Austin Peay station were dispatched to check out a shooting report near the intersection of Tessland Road and Hawkins Mill Road. They arrived to find a shooting victim inside a Volkswagon. Davis was suffering from gunshot wounds and was unresponsive. Memphis Fire paramedics got to the scene and transported Davis to Regional One Hospital in critical condition. He later died.

This investigation remains open but detectives need new leads. Was Davis shot after a verbal altercation? Did he know his attackers? Was he targeted for some reason?