Keshundra Fleming, October 7, 2020

A shooting victim was driven from the 200 block of Adolphus Avenue to the nearby Memphis Fire station on South Third Street about 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

Meanwhile, Memphis Police officers from the Crump Station arrived at the crime scene on Adolphus. Onlookers reported that a man in a red sedan with a white hood fired multiple gunshots at a group of people in front of a house, then sped away. Fleming was struck. She was put in a car for the trip to the firehouse but there she died.
The killing is now a cold case, waiting for information such as someone coming forward with more details on the shooter’s car, or even a name heard later about the crime. Cold Case Bureau investigators say any further detail about the woman’s murder could help solve the case.