Nancy Little, Monday, October 9, 1989

It was just after 6 p.m. Oct. 9, 1989 when Nancy R. Little, 32, was found dead in her white four-door 1988 Honda Accord. Someone had held her in an awkward position until she stopped breathing. Her death was ruled a homicide due to “positional asphyxia” by then Shelby County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Jerry T. Francisco.

Also murdered was her unborn child. Nancy Little was nine months pregnant and was due soon to deliver the baby.

The car was parked on Slate Road, just 20 feet west of Hornsby Drive in the Whitehaven neighborhood. Memphis Police investigators have worked since that day to try to determine who is responsible for her death and what was the motive for the attack.

Marie Barton, October 7, 2018

It was 2:40 on a Sunday morning when Memphis Police responded to a shooting in the parking lot of the Woodlake Apartment complex at Tchulahoma and Winchester. The exact address was 3304 S. Woodlake Circle.

On arrival the officers located a black sedan in the lot and then found Marie Barton, 33, who had been shot. She died at the scene. The information collected indicated there had been an attempted robbery or car jacking, resulting in Barton’s death.

The MPD Cold Case Team is asking the public for any information that may help solve this murder. Even a small detail could prove pivotal.